Schaller & Tschinkel at Akusmonautikum, Vienna 2020

Multimedia installation with 5 video projections and 24 loud speakers

ParaEarth is a mutual creation of Valerie Schaller and sound artist Christian Tschinkel which was performed at the Akusmonautikum Vienna in February 2020.
ParaEarth is a space providing the possibility to take a pause and escape from our fears and incertitude which are accumulated day per day in our everyday life due to the situation of our planet.
ParaEarth is an universe of micro- and macroscopic wonders, flora and fauna as well as inexplicable, timeless actions and phenomenons with a stunning atmosphere of images and sounds. It opens a space to dive into a world of cosmic, transcendental and surrealistic scenes as well as the beauty of nature, colors, shapes and sounds.