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The installation WHITE HOME is ready to be performed.

WHITE HOME is a video installation about the basic elements of life and was conceived in collaboration with the Weizman Institute Israel. Valerie Schaller personally visited the lab of Dr. Yakub Hanna  and had a thrilling insight into stem cell research. She choosed foto material directly on the microscope together with the scientists which she used later artistically.

More about WHITE HOME


The White home is a room of provenance, of the basic elements of life.
The spectator enters a space with a unique, quiet, intimate and stunning atmosphere of sensitive high frequencies.
The floor and the wall are covered with pictures of microscopic stem cells.
As the cells are permanently present in the room, providing a refreshing regenerative energy, a very intimate room reminds the spectator of times that were mostly unconscious, especially the world of cells which are normally invisible and can only be seen through a microscope. But we all know that we consist of cells and that this is the base of biological life. All human beings are equal in the state of stem cells which is an important message regarding the situation of our world. White home is the home of everybody.
Cell’s research is one of the major fields of research
which opens new doors to humanity and also provokes serious ethnical questions for the future.


A cooperation between the artist, Valerie Schaller, and the scientist Dr. Yakub Hanna, from the Department of Molecular Genetics of the Weizmann Institute in Israel has already started.
V.Schaller will visit the lab of Dr. Hanna in person and choose pictures from the large collection of images they have researched and collected over the years.
It will be a working period of research, selection of material and later on an artistic process of animating and editing the material.

A documentation about the visit and exchange between the scientists and the artist is planned.The curator of the Weizmann institute, Yivsam Azgad wants to show the final work on the campus and the installation will also take place at Musrara Art Gallery in Jerusalem, 2017 including a lecture from V. Schaller and Dr. Yakub Hanna.

Each of those cell colonies are one human being in the state of 5 – 7 days after fertilization.
The cells of the lab are on a plate and don’t move.
So they have been been animated by the artist and resemble to a galactical space in correlation of micro-and macroscopic world.

Another projection shows movements of huge white flowers which are rotating and floating gently through the space like celestial bodies through the galaxy.
One is reminded of fairy tale creatures, moving around and being in permanent communication with each other.
The magnified view of the blossom provides an insight into the perfect biological structure of the flower.In these blossoms a young woman appears laying like an embryo, rotating and moving between dream world and physical reality.
The woman appears also with a twin mirroring herself.
The symbiotic connection of twin sisters is reminiscent of the embryonal state of being and primary duality.
It is also a symbolic image for inner desires of security, care and protection.
It is smooth, powerful female energy.
As the young woman is dressed, there is a paradoxical situation providing a magical metaphysical atmosphere: …is it dream or reality ?

There is also a video projection of a baby who is sucking at the mothers breast.
Video sequences of breast’s milk under the microscope show the molecular structure and shapes of the liquid.
The sucking baby and the microscopic view of breast milk makes one aware that human beings can be nourished by nature at the beginning of life and this perfect nurture is in fact a biological wonder of life…
This video projection shows the importance of breast feeding, warmth and a mother’s affection, which has an impact on an adult’s feeling of security later in life.
The neonate is physically also very close to the state when stem cell evolution starts.
Every adult has passed this state of evolution which is unconsciously deeply saved in our memory – so to speak – in the memory of the cells.

The whole atmosphere in this room has to do with the beginning of life and there is a thin border between dream world (with the woman in the blossoms) and reality (scientific research).The baby being nourished by breast milk creates a warm intimate and almost holy and smooth atmosphere in the room.

The attendee has the chance to enter a space and have an insight of this world of wonders, to immerse into the impressing presence of basic life elements.
The respect for life, the respect for the micro- and macroscopic secrets which surround us every day is tangible.

There is an intense artistic collaboration between Adam Weisman (USA/Berlin) and Valerie Schaller over many years.
A. Weisman is a percussionist who plays in different international ensembles for modern music and also performs as a soloist.
He has composed several pieces for the room installations and creates a wonderful atmosphere on the acoustic level which reinforces the whole visual space and the energy in the room.


Human stem cells from Weizman Institut Israel animated for the installation WHITE HOME ( below )