More about the Heart Filling Station


The content of the Video projections is all about the heart and our solar system which is very present in the media since the last couple of years.Solar flares which influence the earth’s magnetic field, are sometimes noticed by highly

sensitive people who feel the impact physically as well as mentally and could extinguish the
electrical system on earth.
So daily we are confronted with the power of the solar system and it’s activities on our planet.
The sun and the heart are very deeply connected in all kind of cultures, religions and spiritual teachings.
The heart is not only a physical organ but also the center of love and the sense of emotional life.
There is more then ever a need of focusing on heart qualities in our society.
Political, global and ethical themes cannot anymore be faced without considering heart qualities and it is very much the spirit of the age to show this aspect as a part of our human nature. Also cardiovascular diseases are the main reason of mortality in our western world.
The Heart Filling Station encourage us to ”listen to our heart” and give attention to the
emotional and sensual part of life.


For the projection HEART BEAT the artist’s heart has been recorded by ultrasonic sound.
So the real physical organ is shown which makes us conscious of what miracle it is that our
heart palpitates day and night without pause.
The roses are wonderful symbols for beauty and perfect structures which remind us of the
center of the heart.They bloom without any purpose, just being a present for the world. The
sweet smell of a rose is a miracle as well and can console you when you feel lost.
Flowers are messengers for love and affection. They are pure love looking towards the
All the roses in the projection are photographed, cut out and animated by the artist. The sunlight and raindrops on the roses are original without manipulation.


SOLAR FLARES are a sudden flash of brightness observed over the Sun’s surface or the solar
limb, which is interpreted as a large energy release. They are often, but not always, followed by
a colossal coronal mass ejection also known as a CME. The flare ejects clouds of electrons,
ions, and atoms through the corona of the sun into space. These clouds typically reach Earth a
day or two after the event. These storms can affect the magnetic fields around Earth
disturbances in these fields can affect power grids on the ground, a potential space weather
effect keenly watched for by a society so dependent on electricity.
(text: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory )


In the KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen church the installation has two more projections.
The moon is in opposite to the sun.Contrary to the eruptive and extroverted qualities of the sun, the moon?s qualities are introverted, female and quiet. The video projection shows the moon as a physical planet (NASA image) which slowly rotates. From time to time a kind of angel who is in dialogue with a human appears and fades away. The angel takes the human in it’s arms with a protective gesture and releases him.

This scene on the right side wall of the church expresses protection, care and affection.
The human (looks like female in the video) can let herself fall in the arms of a protective creature through which she finds comfort and faith.
Maybe people without home can sometimes only trust in this force.


Entering the church you see on the floor a video projection of foot washing.
With a sense of humor (the toes have painted red nails) V.S. shows a deep symbolic biblical image.
The foot washing is a sensual physical act and the water surface is full of playful reflecting light effects.
Letting your feet be washed by someone is an act of trust, respect, dignity and surrender.
Also these qualities are related to our recent situation in Europe where human values such as dignity should need to be considered and respected.


Every day we read in the news that our world is full of tragic and destructive political, social and ecological events.I believe that the most effective way to get more peace and compassion in the world is to get in touch with our own heart and the quality of love.This is the base for every activity in relation to human beings and the earth.With my work I want to give people a space to get in touch with the tenderness and love which is hidden in every human being and revealed by the beauty and mystery of nature.

THE MUSIC by Adam Weisman

The two main inspirations of the music for the Heart Filling Station are the video of the solar
flares and the beat of the heart. Some of the sounds were recorded in a special way,
resembling a magnification of certain frequencies that otherwise are too soft to be heard.The
music helps to bring a cohesive unity to the different visual and conceptual aspects of the
space / installation. Everything together may take the heart and the emotions somewhere,
somewhere inside perhaps.