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Quantum Music Project

For the Open call Ars Elecronica 2021 with the topic Quantum Music, I am delving into the science of quantum physics this summer.
The fascinating phenomena of this research open up an inspiring new view, not only in the natural sciences but also transferable to life itself, a new way of looking at topics such as subjective reality, measurability and perception of our world.

We visited the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at the University of Vienna and had some very interesting meetings with the quantum physicist Prof.Dr.Rupert Ursin and other scientists from his group.

Together with Christian Tschinkel we developed a concept on Bose-Einstein-Condensates (BEC) which will be realized in the near future.

NebenErde with Schaller & Tschinkel

Prmeiere feb. 2020
Videos and work process here >>