This Video installation was conceived for an exhibition in Vienna for the first time in Dec.2018
A tiny storage room which was part of the exhibition spaces inspired me to make some artistic concept out of it without changing the function of the room.

So I projected the video randomly on styrofoam boards and between boxes, machines and tools some prints were hanged on a washing line and a mirror ball projected playful light around.
This installation can be adapted in any room and will keep it’s special intimate, humorous and kinky atmosphere.

About the video:

A queen is licking a lollipop, gazing with a innocent dreaming sight into the space, in other sequences you see some sexy bra décolleté where the lollipop plays around and creates a breeze of erotic phantasy.
These video sequences are interrupted by streaming (or integrated parts) of youtube videos about Science & Sex, some quick explanations with funny alive drawings explaining what happens in the brain of women during orgasm and also the difference between men and women concerning sexuality in biological matters and their reactions.
Reggae music creates an easy going atmosphere in the room.

The queen sequences in alternation with the scientific explanations create a humorous but also interesting double meaning message, you will leave the Erotic Laboratory with a smile over your face and be seduced and touched by a fairy tale wonder world.


The prints in the room are created on computer and printed on high quality fine artist paper.
The technique is drawing into photography.
The topic is Snow White with erotic aspects (fish-net stockings, red shoes, lips and blood) in the snow.