Island ONE, Bruck an der Leitha 2013

In collaboration with the  Youtopia Consulting Group Valerie Schaller conceived rooms for companies’ employees and managers which had the following qualities.

It was a very special space close to Vienna, an old factory where workshops for managers of big companies were taking place.On the ground floor she created different settings in a 320 square meter hall and created several islands which were totally out of space, a retreat for the break, a space to find new thoughts or ideas or to just chill out…which was a kind of strange world for the managers who were used to being in a rational well organized seminar hotel atmosphere.
They entered the Magic Room rather astonished, looked around, knocked out at finding such a scenario: art in the middle of business life and not as an ”extra event” in a gallery or museum like they were used to consuming it in their free time. 
This extraordinary atmosphere and the special staging was an unforgettable experience for international managers of companies like Siemens, Telecom, Erste Bank well as for members of a creative writing workshop of the writers studio Vienna.