A project with opera singer Dalia Schaechter at Opera Köln.
For many weeks the Israely singer Dalia Schaechter and Valerie Schaller visited several foreign citizens from different countries who are living in Cologne.
The idea was that the persons teach her a song from their origin country they come from, a song which has an important and special meaning to them.

After a personal interview about the story why the person left it’s country the process of learning the song started.
Valerie Schaller filmed this encounters and also some crucial things which happended ”back stage” during this very intensive and sometimes very emotional process.

Short sequences of the videos were shown before the performance of the song on stage.

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The question of homeland and feeling at home in a foreign country was main issue of the interviews.

By the act of giving and receiving the song an extraordinary moment arised and all the heavy and political stories were all of a sudden in the background regarding this very personal and meaningful present of sharing something in the context of music.

A thrilling and intensive jurney through many biografies, showing the cultural roots and real facts about emigration, search and integration.

Dalia Schaechter, well known singer who was nominated as ”Kammersängerin”, is performing since many years her own projects with actor Bert Oberdorfer, violonist Gerhard Dierig, pianist Jan Weigelt as well as the contrabass player Johannes Esser.

Performances:  Juni 13, 21, 22, 2017, Staatenhaus, Kölner Oper

Teaser and some sequences of FREMDE UNTER FREMDEN: