ParaEarth – work process and background

We started some experimental work with the fusion of sound and video and it became surprisingly an unexpected inspiration of performing together in front of the projections. Following the patterns of the sound and intuitivly moving together beyond any concept or agreement what we’re going to create.

“ParaEarth” is a room with three to four large-format video projections on the walls and a sound installation of 20 loudspeakers. The audience enters a universe of its own with moving images and sounds that bring the spectrum of our creation close, from the cosmos and nature to human existence. The uncertainties and fears of our current situation give the visitor the opportunity to go to a side-earth and dive in.

The media artist Valerie Schaller and the acousmatic artist Christian Tschinkel create a cosmos in which one may take a break and open up a parallel universe in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle. Surrealistic images, always taken from nature, performative actions, the sound direction and huge spheres of sound create a space that is both nourishing and stimulating, as well as thought-provoking and encouraging one to pause. Both artists deal with similar themes and find an exciting meeting of the audio-visual in their medium.

The motifs of the videos are rooted in a fundamentally elementary demonstration of physical elements found in nature. In the installation, for example, there are human stem cells as well as images of solar storms that create an arc of tension between micro and macro cosmos.
Other videos are not so easily recognizable in their visual language, but are reminiscent of phenomena such as magnetism or dream-like spheres, such as the alienated representation of a fish colony in turbid waters.
The performative intervention in these spheres brings a moment of reality, a presence in the here and now.
A man and a woman in everyday clothes move, seemingly unobserved, playfully, amazed in these universes and react to movements, both visual and acoustic.
This creates a meta-level that allows the real viewer of the installation to experience parallel realities.
The question is: what is reality? Where is the borderline between the parallel realities and the timeline of an objective truth? Where do I stand ? What is measurable physicality and where is the borderline between dream, poetry and theatricality ?

We do not want to explain anything to the visitor, prove anything or take a position. We want the visitor to have his own experience and reflections. We only offer a platform to invite him into a universe, to perceive his own thoughts and feelings.

Eine nette Überschrift